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When a country star like Luke Bryan is about to visit a city, you know that getting a ticket is going to be hard. The best course of action is to purchase one well ahead of time. Thankfully there are still many tickets left for most venues.

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Luke On The Road In 2015

Luke Bryan has been a very busy man for the past six years. He’s already well known as one of America’s household country star names. And he’s been busy the whole time making sure that even more households know his name. During these last years he’s been going on tour after tour, with barely a second to rest.

Luke is currently on his 2015 kick the dust up tour. He’s going to be traveling around America nonstop this summer trying to satisfy those rabid country fans desire for live Luke Bryan shows. He will be bringing along a couple of opening acts. They are Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser, a couple of well-established, but lesser known musical acts.

The kick the dust up tour is already underway, he played his opening show back in the beginning of this month. He’s going to be traveling around playing shows all the way until October in 2015. He will also be playing a second leg to his farm tour. This is going to be happening in October as well. You’ll definitely have plenty of chances to see him perform, so make sure you don’t miss out on getting tickets nearby your neighborhood. You definitely don’t have any excuse to miss out because he’s playing tons of shows!

Current Tour Music

Luke is well known for many of his country hits like ‘drink a beer’ and his brand-new song ‘kick the dust up’. These are just a few of the songs that fans expect to hear during his live shows. And it’s no big surprise. His brand-new hit just came out at number 26 on the Billboard top 100 songs. He’s also number two on Billboard’s top country songs.

Along with his live shows, his new hit single is selling extremely well. During just the first week of its release he sold about 130,000 downloads online. Will also be treated very soon to his brand-new album called ‘kill the lights’. Right now this album is targeted for in August 2015 release.

A little background on Luke Bryan

Luke actually started his career by writing songs for some of countries other top stars like Travis Tritt. It was during this time that he actually released his own first album. He released ‘I’ll stay me’ right after he signed with Capitol records. His first album included many of his classic hits like ‘countryman’, and ‘all my friends say’.

He immediately released a follow-up album which he called ‘doing my thing’. This album also included several of the hits that fans know and love today like ‘someone else calling you baby’, and ‘do I’, along with ‘rain is a good thing’.

Later on in 2011 in 2013 Luke really started to come into his own with the release of ‘crash my party’ and ‘tailgates and tanlines’. These two late 2000 releases really skyrocketed the country bro rock singer to a level of popularity he previously never enjoyed. There was tons of number one singles on crash my party alone. I’m talking about songs like ‘drink a beer’, ‘roller coaster’, ‘crash my party’, ‘that’s my kind of night’, and ‘play it again’.

He just recently won several awards from the Academy of country music awards along with the country music Association awards. These are two of the most prestigious country music award ceremonies. With the country music Association awards, he took home the coveted entertainer of the year award. Which makes him this year’s top country music singer.

Make sure to see his upcoming shows

You won’t get another chance to see Luke Bryan playing at the height of his career. His momentum is at its peak, hit after hit song, along with many prestigious awards one, this is the time that you want to see this master of country music live on stage.

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